General Check Up

A Regular check-up, which involves a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, will prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. we recommend six monthly check ups with your dentist, which when supported by a good at-home routine, will help keep your mouth healthy., a regular examination uses both modern technology and the dentist’s up-to-the-minute knowledge and skills, all in a virtually pain-free environment

What happens at the check up ?

First things first you will be greeted by our cheerful team your dentist will Go through your Medical history as The dentist needs to be aware of your medical background as it may impact the way that they treat and diagnose issues – diabetes, for example, can increase the risk of gum disease Also Certain medicines, meanwhile, can cause dry mouth, which can increase your risk of cavities. , Don’t Worry as all your medical information will be kept confidential.

It’s also a good time to discuss any dental phobias – for some patients, fear of the dentist starts in childhood after a bad experience. The dentist will take this on board – in fact, just talking about these issues can actually help relieve them ,after all we are called Dentocalm For a Reason 🙂

After that a check-up will take pace and photos of your teeth and Gums will be taken alongside with X-rays Your dentist check for cavities and check for plaque (that’s the clear, sticky layer of bacteria) or Calculus on your teeth. , the dentist will show you the photos and X-rays and explain the situation after the check up , these photos are excellent for tracking your Oral Hygiene.

Using a Special small mirror the dentist will check the gums, tongue, throat, face and neck, looking for any signs of trouble or swelling as well as detecting any signs that might indicate oral cancer (Oral Cancer check is Complimentary) , monitoring your Oral environment is important and its better to be safe than Sorry.

If you have Plaque or tartar build-up That needs to be removed, the dentist or will use special instruments such as an ultrasonic scaler to painlessly knock loose any larger pieces of tartar, and provide deep cleaning above and below the gum line – all with a tickling vibration. Once all the surfaces are smooth, they are polished to remove stains from the teeth using a slow-speed handpiece with a soft rubber cup that spins. Inside the cup is a polish material and fluoride – this powerful mix is spun around on the soon-to-be smooth and super shiny teeth after that you get a jet refreshing wash.

Dental X-rays may be required. An X-ray can give the dentist a good view of your jaw alignment, Sinuses, Impacted teeth, Upcoming Teeth space issues as your child is Growing , any decay between teeth as well as identifying any impacted teeth, abscesses, or cysts on the roots of your teeth.

That’s it nothing Scary or Painful just a Quick check up , , your dentist will show you the pictures and explain everything to you so you are fully informed of your Oral Hygiene and may have a High five and get thumbs up for doing an Excellent job.

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We challenge people’s perception of Dentistry and remove the Anxiety factor , and bring the calmness factor to Dentistry , providing high quality, state of art Dentistry Delivering that care in a timely manner with the utmost compassion, Gentleness and concern for our patients , Partnering with our patients to ensure their comfort and expectations are consistently exceeded .

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