Family Dentistry

We offer our services to all ages , we are passionate about Monitoring your Oral Hygiene , Being there with you & your children, watch your Family Grow and make sure that their Oral Hygiene is perfect and making sure that they have enough space and good alignment , excellent Confidence and Sparkly smile .

Helping new Mums and Educating them regarding monitoring kids and their Oral Habits.

From Thumb sucking to not brushing their teeth , As Parents ourselves we have been there and know how challenging it is and it’s better said than done yet the results speaks for itself , insisting on Implementing Good Oral Hygiene Habits and being passionate and proud of your Healthy smile really pays of (and saves you lots of money), and excellent Family Photos That doesn’t need photoshop.

Monitoring the kids Growth pattern and determining their need for Orthodontics and early intervention is critical too , Mother’s instinct is Always right so if you have any concerns regarding your Teeth or your Children’s Teeth get them checked by our Dentists and get the best Advice and know exactly what is going on and what to expect as Time goes by.

Helping all Family members stay on Track and Monitor their Oral Hygiene ,Helping them conquer any Obstacle or Accident ,we help finding a Solution for every Problem that may happen and restore your smile to its original shape or even better.

Mainly Helping you and your whole Family to fall in love with your Healthy smile ,and Maintain your Healthy smile and Oral Hygiene as you grow Older.

Call us today at 0242 025 481 to schedule an appointment!

We challenge people’s perception of Dentistry and remove the Anxiety factor , and bring the calmness factor to Dentistry , providing high quality, state of art Dentistry Delivering that care in a timely manner with the utmost compassion, Gentleness and concern for our patients , Partnering with our patients to ensure their comfort and expectations are consistently exceeded .

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