Emergency Dentistry

Dental Emergencies Happen unexpectedly it could be a Dental Trauma (like falling of your Bicycle ) or severe sudden toothache, usually when you least expect them ,teeth love to cause Drama midnight , public Holidays and weekends , which is why at Dentocalm we try to accommodate Emergency appointments across our Busy Schedule , we also offer after hours Emergency services * and on weekends and public holidays (Emergency after hours surcharge may apply) No Fear Dentocalm Dentists are here we will take care of you and get you out of pain , don’t worry and stop recalling your dental phobia , we have the most Advanced Anaesthesia Techniques and we have Nitrous sedation as well , not only will you get rid of your pain you will love coming to the dentist and say Goodbye to your phobia.

We provide all sorts of Emergency treatment as it is our Main priority to get you out of pain and back on Track.

Call us today at 0242 025 481 to schedule an appointment!

We challenge people’s perception of Dentistry and remove the Anxiety factor , and bring the calmness factor to Dentistry , providing high quality, state of art Dentistry Delivering that care in a timely manner with the utmost compassion, Gentleness and concern for our patients , Partnering with our patients to ensure their comfort and expectations are consistently exceeded .

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