Millions of people around the world wear Dentures they look Natural and if well made they have good Retention, they need to be removed for cleaning and need good Denture Hygiene, Dentures are one alternative to replacing missing or lost teeth.
A full denture replaces all the natural teeth. These dentures rest on the gums of either your upper or lower jaws, or both. A full set of dentures helps provide support to your facial structure allowing your lips and cheeks to look fuller, resulting in a younger, healthier appearance.
A partial denture replaces lost or missing teeth and are usually retained by clasps around your existing teeth. Replacing missing teeth will make eating easier and provide you with a more confident smile. These dentures can have a plastic or chrome base for added strength.
Implant retained dentures are a popular alternative to conventional dentures. ,-implant retained denture replaces one or more single teeth and is held in place by dental implants secured within the jaw. Implant retained dentures provide better ability to eat and enjoy foods like steak, raw fruits and vegetables. , specially in the lower arch where most of the stability issues are with the lower full dentures due to the tongue movment and muscle attachments They also give you increased confidence as the dentures are stable and secure

What is involved in an implant retained denture?

Once you and your dentist have identified a treatment plan, having an implant retained denture is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3

Step 1

An examination and x-ray is undertaken to determine suitability and enough bone quality and quantaty , type of the bite and the proximity from the sinus and Nerves and determine the best implant system for use in your individual situation., treatmnet plan is placed and discussed with the patient and treatment options are listed

Step 2

Placement of the dental implants in the designated area to provide maximum stability to the denture and longevity , closure is done via suturing and then left to heal , follow up appointments will be scheduled for following up healing

Step 3

Once the implant has integrated into your jawbone, attachments are screwed onto the implant head and also into a new denture. through impressions and planning which is sent to the lab for the final Denture and that’s it.

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