Aligners And Orthodontics

We offer our services to all ages , we are passionate about Monitoring your Oral Hygiene , Being there with you & your children, watch your Family Grow and make sure that their Oral Hygiene is perfect and making sure that they have enough space and good alignment , excellent Confidence and Sparkly smile .

Helping new Mums and Educating them regarding monitoring kids and their Oral Habits.

From Thumb sucking to not brushing their teeth , As Parents ourselves we have been there and know how challenging it is and it’s better said than done yet the results speaks for itself , insisting on Implementing Good Oral Hygiene Habits and being passionate and proud of your Healthy smile really pays of (and saves you lots of money), and excellent Family Photos That doesn’t need photoshop.

Monitoring the kids Growth pattern and determining their need for Orthodontics and early intervention is critical too , Mother’s instinct is Always right so if you have any concerns regarding your Teeth or your Children’s Teeth get them checked by our Dentists and get the best Advice and know exactly what is going on and what to expect as Time goes by.

Helping all Family members stay on Track and Monitor their Oral Hygiene ,Helping them conquer any Obstacle or Accident ,we help finding a Solution for every Problem that may happen and restore your smile to its original shape or even better.

Mainly Helping you and your whole Family to fall in love with your Healthy smile ,and Maintain your Healthy smile and Oral Hygiene as you grow Older.

Children orthodontics :

If you or your child has any of the following symptoms, then a poor bite may be responsible for
Malocclusion (bad bite) can be diagnosed by your dentist or orthodontist as lots of people get confused between malocclusion and normal stages of growth and mixed dentition (stage of changing between baby teeth and permanent teeth) .Some parents have perception that if they had braces or one of their kids need it then their siblings will need it while each case is unique and different.
Examination , diagnosis and monitoring kids During growth is very important so their parents will know exactly what is going on and what to expect and weather they will need early intervention or everything will be great and they don’t need any intervention.
Mal-aligned teeth cause more than just awkward yearbook photos ,If not taken care of major oral health issues can arise and cause headaches and sky-high medical bills!.
However, if it is mainly Cosmetic and doesn’t have health issue impact , it still can be fixed yet you must be motivated and have the mindset of doing it for yourself and that you are Beautiful in every single way . We Believe in positivity and when you have a Positive and empowering mindset you may achieve everything you want while if you are negative and doing any change just to impress others you wont get anywhere and you will never be Happy until you truly love yourself and everything else will fall in line .
Teaching our kids and ourselves to love and value ourselves is crucial specially while they are growing up so they may Face bullying with Confidence. loving yourself doesn’t make you selfish at any point it makes you indestructible , Headstrong and iron-willed Just like an Avenger . If you live in Kiama area and Surroundings area and Wonder ” is there affordable Orthodontic Care Near me ?” , Look No Further Than Dr. Ahmed and his Friendly team , with his Award winning Knowledge and state of art Practice and equipment . More importantly, he and his Staff’s Meticulous dedication to creating Trust and Comfort brings a Smile to every patient’s face
Our Team is 100% Dedicated to improving your overall health , Oral Health, appearance, quality of life ,self confidence and wellbeing for Children , Teens and Adults . for Examination , Advice and addressing any concerns you may have , Book an Appointment for a Consultation.
Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth, to improve the appearance , Function and relation of the teeth and how they work. It can also help to look after the long-term health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints, by spreading the biting pressure over all your teeth for better Function and Joint integration
Many people have crowded or crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment will straighten the teeth or move them into a better position. This can improve their appearance and the way the teeth bite together, while also making them easier to clean to Decrease the prevalence of Dental decay .

Some people have upper front teeth that stick out and look unsightly. These ‘prominent’ teeth are more likely to be damaged or fracture in case of Trauma ( like Falling of a Bicycle), but orthodontic treatment can move them back into line. Or the way the upper and lower jaws meet can cause teeth to look unsightly and lead to an incorrect bite. Orthodontic treatment may be able to correct both of these problems , Untreated malocclusions may contribute to conditions that cause tooth decay, gum disease, bone destruction, loss of teeth, mouth breathing and jaw joint problems. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is truly applicable here, Also When the teeth don’t meet correctly, this can put strain on the muscles of the jaw, causing jaw and joint problems and sometimes headaches. Orthodontic treatment can help you to bite more evenly and reduce the strain.,In addition, uncorrected problems can adversely affect a child’s speech, general health and self-esteem.

Orthodontists can improve smiles at any age
Every Case is Different yet mostly The best time is generally during childhood, but adults can have orthodontic treatment too. Age is less important than having the right number of teeth. In children it may be necessary to wait for enough teeth to come through before starting treatment , That’s Why you must Have A consult with your Dentist to know according to your case when should you start treatment .
A Dental examination is important to ensure maximum dental health for your child. An orthodontic examination is advisable any time  especially when a particular problem is noted by the parent, Teacher, Family  physician. The following early warning signs may indicate that your child need Orthodontic examination by your Dentist.
  •  Early or late  loss of teeth
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Finger Sucking or Oral Habits
  • Speech difficulty
  • Protruding teeth
  • Teeth meet in Abnormal manner or doesn’t meet at all .
  • Crowding , Misplaced or Blocked out teeth ( examination needed as it may be Normal Transition)
  • jaws is Protruding or retruding
  • Grinding or Clenching Teeth ( may need a Mouth Guard)
  • shifting and clicking Jaw
Orthodontic Treatment can be provided at any age but there is an optimum time for treatment to begin. ,Early examination allows your Dentist to know how and when a child’s particular problem should be treated for maximum improvement, requiring the least amount of time and providing the greatest benefit. With some patients, early treatment achieves results that are unattainable in Some Cases once the face and jaws have finished growing.

Recognizing an orthodontic problem at an early age does not always result in early treatment. After evaluating your child, your Dentist may simply want to check your child periodically while the permanent teeth are erupting and the jaws and face continue to grow. However, if your child has a problem that requires attention, your Dentist may recommend Early intervention Treatment , which takes advantage of facial growth and tooth eruption, can lessen the severity of a problem, and it frequently makes the completion of treatment at a later age less time-consuming and less expensive. Early intervention Treatment may be Beneficial for
  • Avoiding fracture or loss of protruding teeth
  • Assuring that the jaws and teeth meet properly during chewing and swallowing
  • Eliminating adverse habits such as
  • thumb-finger sucking, tongue thrusting and lip habits
  • Correcting early alignment of teeth
  • Enhancing proper speech development
  • Evaluating breathing problems that may adversely affect normal growth and jaw shape
  • Correcting crossbite, tooth grinding, tooth interference and lower jaw displacement
  • Coordinating the extraction of primary (baby) teeth and allowing for proper eruption of permanent teethWill I need a Referral to an Orthodontist ?Your dentist may carry out orthodontic treatment when they have Orthodontics Trea knowledge and experience Luckily Dr. Ahmed have been Studying and providing Orthodontic Treatment for a long time as he is really passionate about Orthodontic Treatment
The length of treatment depends on the severity Of The Problem , So it may take anything from a few months to two-and-a-half years. Most people can be treated in one to two years., Your Dentist will Discuss Timing with you and let you know the time range that it should take if you stick by the plan and instruction so you may adjust your expectations
When treatment is finished the teeth need to be held in position for a considerable amount of time. This is called the ‘retention’ period, and the appliances that hold the teeth in place are called retainers.
The retainers hold newly straightened teeth in position while the surrounding gum and bone settles. The retainers can be removable or fixed, depending on the original problem, Wearing your retainer is very important to prevent any relapse , contact us if you loose your retainer so we may provide you with a another one , sometimes you may need examination to make sure no relapse have already occurred .
Even after retention, it is normal for minor tooth movements to happen throughout life. So no permanent guarantee can be given. However, it is unusual for teeth to alter enough to need more treatment.
It is important to keep having your teeth checked by your dental team while you are having orthodontic treatment. You also need to take extra care of your teeth and mouth:
  • Clean your teeth carefully every day, including between your teeth where you can. Braces are delicate and you need to make sure you clean them carefully so that they do not break them  (special tools will be provided ). Your dental team will be able to show you the special techniques to use depending on the appliance you are wearing.
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks. Avoid snacks and drinks containing sugars, and fizzy drinks. Also, sticky and hard foods may damage your brace.
  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day. Use a mouthwash if you need to. Your dental team may recommend a stronger Fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse for you to use .
There are Certain Orthodontic Treatment that will need an Orthodontist to care of , in that case your Dentist will Take care of your referral and the transfer of all your X-rays and information through to your Orthodontist. Your Dentist will Always be with you through every step of the Way through and after  completion of your treatment.
We Dont Know how oldare you, yet Age is just A number and the good news is There is no cut off age for getting Orthodontic Treatment , So your teeth can be straightened at any age. Saying that, having corrective treatment as an adult can be more complicated for Several Reasons including fillings, missing teeth or other dental issues. Your Dentist will carefully assess your oral health, and flag any concerns that may arise and fully inform you with the situation and your treatment options and Prognosis
Clear aligners are one of the most popular courses of Orthodontic treatment , Usually they are called after the Manufacturing Company like Invisalign , Clear correct , etc ..They all carry the same Perception of Being a Clear aligners and they all should have the same Treatment outcome One of the most appealing features of clear aligners is that they are transparent, they’re custom-made and fit snugly on your teeth, a bit like a mouthguard , They are usually recommended For adults who want to change the appearance of their teeth without any obvious apparatus , yet the main Question is are you a Good Candidate for Aligners . Usually Aligners works well for Adults Who require minor corrections to problems such as mildly crooked, minor Gaps or protruding teeth with sufficient Space , more complicated orthodontic problems can also be treated with clear aligners, the results can be less predictable and those could be treated faster and more precisely using Braces , For Major Corrections Braces are the best

Aligners have lots of advantages

1. Aligners are very convenient and hassle-free
Aligners are comparatively more convenient than braces for the doctor and the patient both. As Aligners are a set of upper and lower clear plastic trays, you just have to insert them according to the instructions given by your dentist. Aligners are smooth in finish which means there is a little or no chance of tissue laceration, which is a common problem faced by braces users. Aligners are very easy to insert, remove, clean and maintain whereas in braces it is difficult to keep them clean , if you follow the instructions cleaning wise and wearing time wise
2. Aligners Require less Doctor Visits
There will be no need to book extra appointments with your dentist. You just have to visit your dentist once in 2 months for review. If you follow the instructions given and adhere by them, your treatment will complete in the time predicted by your doctor. Whereas in braces a small issue in brackets or wire will require you to visit your dentist’s clinic.
3. Aligners Require Less Maintenance than Braces
As regards oral hygiene it is very important for us to maintain good oral hygiene. In braces, it is difficult to maintain oral hygiene as food gets stuck in brackets and needs more frequent cleaning and skills whereas in aligners you just have to wash them 3-4 times a day. Cleaning of aligners is easier than braces. Yet if you don’t follow the hygiene instructions it could be drastic as you will be trapping the Bacteria around the teeth Causing Decay
4. Aligners are More Comfortable than Braces
People look for comfort, if the treatment makes you feel comfortable it will go smoothly ,  with Braces you need to pay attention while eating, drinking, playing a sport etc. A small mistake may change the course of your treatment. You have to change your eating and drinking habits. On the other hand in aligners, you  may take them off and eat and drink what you want , clean your teeth and slip them back  on

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