DR. Nour Shoukry

Noura is a Cheerful Dentist , she started working in the Illawarra area 2016 , with more than 10 years of experience she is skilful and gentle and an expert with Anxious patients she prides her self on changing people’s prospective towards Dentistry , She Developed keen interest in Cosmetic Dentistry and dental implants.

Graduated from university of Alexandria in 2007 with Honours , Trained at Melbourne Uni , ITI member and Australian Dental Association , Currently enrolled in the mini residency of Endodontics Program in Sydney ,She loves Dentistry and believes in making a Change and having an impact on peoples live is the best gift ever , She is a Professional photographer and an Official timekeeper with Swim Australia , a Justice of peace and a Guitar player, she speaks 3 languages and working on her fourth , her love for kids is unconditional being a Mum of 5 herself she knows it all from Thomas the train ,PJ masks , my little pony& Frozen to Harry potter and the Avengers yep she is extremely knowledgeable kids wise.

She is a Proud Mum and involved in lots of the kids sports , she is a swimming mum, judo mum , Gymnastics mum , Music Mum , Nippers mum , Tennis Mum , Football mum and she is also an F45er yep that’s the best time of her day.

Noura also is a proactive member of the community and is involved in lots of Charities and volunteer work as she believes in Good Karma and spreading the positivity.

Call us today at 0242 025 481 to schedule an appointment!

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